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Established over thirty years ago, Imagin Plastics specialises in the production of solid plastic extrusions with the emphasis on thermoplastic welding profiles.

Imagin Plastics started in the 1960s making knitting needles through to the 1980s when changes were made to importing and licensing. Since then, the business has continued to diversify into thermoplastic welding rods, profile extrusion, small tube extrusion, injection moulding, coatings for harness webbing and most recently, 3D printing filament. 

Plastic Welding Rods
We specialise in manufacturing thermoplastic welding rods for all areas of industry including sales, service and repair of Plastic Welding Technology. Our current range consists of over 40 different commodity and engineering plastics. All are available in round, triangle and strip/tape profiles. All profiles are supplied in a variety of volumes e.g. 25-metre and 50-metre coils, bulk spools, one-metre sticks and 40-centimetre panel packs for the smaller automotive users. Wide stockholding of industry colours is available, supplemented by a fast colour matching service.

Our engineering grade products have been complemented by new blending technology to match the many in-house blends found in modern automobiles and motorcycles. Blends such as ABS/PET, ABS/PA, ASA/PBT or PA/PPE are examples made using this new technology.

At Imagin Plastics we pride ourselves in meeting your requirements for specialised welding rods as well as competitively priced bulk commodity rods such as PP, PE and PVC.

We aim to provide the widest range of thermoplastic welding rods from a single source worldwide.
If we don't have it in stock we can make it in a surprisingly short time to whatever specification required.

3D Printing Filament
As with all products that Imagin Plastics manufactures to support various Industrial applications, we work with the smallest users to the biggest users and everyone in between. We have clients using small desktop 3d printers at home to make spare parts and toys for their kids, right through to clients using 30+ heavily modified FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) machines for mass production. Supporting the industry in NZ and globally is an exciting side of our additive manufacturing technology. We are committed to continuing our growth and development of 3D printer materials in New Zealand.


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