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100% NZ Made Plastic Welding Rod

Plastic Welding Rods and Tapes

Our plastic welding rods come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colours.  With over 40 different types of plastic welding rods in stock, we can supply or manufacture to your specification. 

Our short run capability and blending technology enables us to provide a wide range of plastic welding rods from many blends of engineering plastic such as ASA/PBT and PPE/PA.

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 Plastic Welding Equipment

We represent WEGENER and LEISTER for Hot Air Welders and Extrusion Welders. Supplying a wide range of equipment for plastic welding repairs or fabrication as well as sheet butt welders.

We can also supply low cost Hot Air Welders for automotive plastic, bumper, fender and cycle guard repairs.

Follow the link for more information and videos of our plastic welding tools in use

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Array Web-75-679Coated Webbing Colours-155

Equestrian Coated Tapes and Webbing

Our superior equestrian coated webbing is manufactured using the extrusion coating process.

Coated webbing produced by this process has greater strength, abrasion resistance, durability and outdoor weather-ability.

Compared to coated webbing made by the plastisol solvent process the molten coating bonds through  the core material, producing an integrated coated tape.

We make a wide variety of coated webbing to various specifications and colours

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Balloon Accessories

Imagin Plastics Ltd’s Balloon accessories have been manufactured in Auckland for over ten years. We supply bulk packs to wholesalers and distributors only.

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Established over thirty years ago our company specialises in the production of solid plastic extrusions with the emphasis on plastic welding profiles, coated webbing and balloon accessories.  We also carry out custom extrusions for a variety of industries.

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