Coated Webbing

Imagin Plastics Ltd’s coated webbing is produced using core tape and flexible PVC resins specifically developed for New Zealand conditions. We produce a wide variety of coated webs for different applications and all are UV stabilized.

The Coating - The flexible PVC coating comes in two basic types, Regular and Soft. The regular coatings are stocked in a gloss finish with only basic colours available.  The Soft coatings are stocked in a wide range of colours. 

The Core Tape - Made to our specifications, the regular core tape is produced to allow maximum penetration of the coating, producing a fully integrated web for superior tensile strength, abrasion resistance and durability. A recent addition is a fine tape for areas requiring a more even, less ridgy appearance. While not as integrated as the regular finishes the strength is ample for a variety of special equestrian applications.
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